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Edible Art – May 1st, 2014

From Food Heaven Made Easy

From Food Heaven Made Easy


Edible Art: Happy Valentine’s Day!

beetroots salad3

Salad with cheese, walnuts and heart shaped beet slices. (Photo credit: artforyourwallpaper)


Salad of watermelon hearts with mint leaves (photo credit: otchipotchi)

Heart shaped oven roased potatoes

Heart shaped oven roasted potatoes

Recipe for oven roasted potatoes

(photo credit: trendseve)

(photo credit: trendseve)

Hot and Healthy Trends: Mason Jar Meals


Remember those old Mason jars?  Your grandmother, mother or aunt probably used them for homemade jams and jellies.  Well they’ve made a comeback…in a big way.  And they are being used for more than just canning.

Photo credit: Etsy, The Knot, Be Different Act Normal, The Greenhead

Photo credit: Etsy, The Knot, Be Different Act Normal, The Greenhead

Search the Internet and you’ll find all sorts of ways people are using Mason and Kerr jars.  But going back to it’s roots, many busy households are using these jars for meals.  Mason Jar Meals.

Photo Credit: BigRedKitchen

Photo Credit: BigRedKitchen

One of the great benefits of Mason Jar Meals is the look.  We eat with the eyes first.  Assembling a salad or meal in a jar can be very appealing…especially if you are eating healthy.  All the bright colors draw in the eye and can make eating more enjoyable.

Personally, I get tired of salad real quick.  But using the MJM concept adds some newness to the same old tired salad.  I can put the dressing at the bottom, add ingredients that won’t get soggy, then some lettuce.  Right before I eat it, turn it over for a moment so the dressing flows down over the ingredients.  Then, pour it onto a plate.

If you Google the term “Mason Jar Meals”, the link to Big Red Kitchen will be your first choice.  Blogger Robin Sue has assembled almost a complete primer on Mason Jar Meals.  Robin is a Cross Fit trainer and RN, specializing in cardio-thoracic medicine.  She offers lots of suggestions and tips on choosing ingredients, assembling meals, and even how to store and carry the jars.  My favorite recipe is Chicken Ramen Salad.

Chicken Ramen Salad

So check out Big Red Kitchen and also check Pinterest for more ideas for meals.  Or just create your own.

Merry Christmas!



Pumpkins: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Pumpkin burger ssrfanatic



Edible Art – Fruit Rainbow with Dip

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Edible Art – Salad Cube

Salad cube

Edible Art – More Shark Week Fun!

As Shark Week comes to a close, here’s some pictures from Stephanie Lohse.  Her son Trevin recently turned 10.  The theme for his birthday party?  SHARKS!  She did a great job decorating the cakes and carving the shark’s mouth and teeth.  Thanks, Stephanie for sharing your pictures!


Blue Shark Cupcakes

Birthday cake with a shark fin rising through the surface...

Birthday cake with a shark fin rising through the surface…as it chases red gummy fish.

Shark watermelon

The ominous Fruit Salad Shark!

Edible Art – It’s Shark Week!

In honor of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel...

In honor of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel…

New Section – Edible Art!

This month, we are adding a new section to the blog.

It’s a proven and scientific fact the eyes play an important part in food selection and taste.  With that thought in mind, the new Edible Art section will pay tribute to good food that is good for you!

THIS looks GOOD:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Brownies

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Brownies

but THIS work of art is GOOD FOR YOU!

Fruit art

Look for more inspirational works of (food) art in the future!

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